The Newest Incarnation of Twilight

Stephenie Meyer is at it again. She has crafted a story about the world of newborn vampires. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (that’s a mouthful) details the new life of Bree, newborn vampire intended to wage war on the Cullen family and Bella Swan. It was originally intended to be included in the long awaited The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide (which has been delayed for one too many years) but it was soon discovered the the tale of Bree Tanner was too long and would, in a sense, weigh down the guide. It was then decided that the story would be released on its own.

The list price of the title will be $13.99 and a dollar will be donated to the American Red Cross for each book sold. Meyer did not want to have her readers pay separately for this release, so she is offering something for her readers that may annoy book sellers everywhere. At noon on June 5th, Bree Tanner’s story will be available for free here until July 7th.

Happy Reading.