The Eterernal is Forever

I got a chance to read Kirsten Miller’s upcoming August release, The Eternal Ones. This novel is a romance that toys with the idea that love can reach across lifetimes. 17 year old Haven Moore has suffered visions of a handsome man and a place she had never been since she was a young girl. She lives in a heavily religious town that scorns her vibrant visions and her gay best friend. She escapes to New York, a place she has seen countless times in her dreams. She becomes involved in murders from her past lives as well as in her current life. She must choose whether to trust her heart or her reasoning to tell her what really happened in her past life.

I devoured this novel. A lot of YA authors approach the idea of love at first sight as well as knowing people in previous lives but they never really look at how some religions would react. Haven is raised in a Christian town– her visions of a passionate and intimate love from the past is definitely not what most people expect of a good southern girl. The novel kept me guessing. Was Iain the hero? Or was he the murderer? Every time I thought I had the trick, I found out that there was evidence pointing in the opposite direction. I never really knew what to expect.

Haven was very realistic to me. I felt like she was a real girl dealing with images and events that were out of her control. She was new to love yet still familiar to the ideas thanks to her past lives, she was vulnerable and exposed in front of the man she wanted to be her soul mate. The language was lyrical, often painting pictures of breath taking or destructive images. The details were not dragging on the scenes. They portrayed the right energies that moved the scene along, keeping the reader hooked on every word. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this enthralling novel and I eagerly look forward to seeing it in stores come August.

Find out more about the novel and Kirsten Miller here.

Happy reading!