Reckless: Surprisingly Not a Wreck.

Cornelia Funke has done it again! She has created another beautiful fantasy, but this time it seems that she is targeting adults. I discovered Funke with the release of Dragon Rider. Yes, I know, a children’s book. Say what you will! That book was great. The landscapes were picturesque and beautifully described, the character was one I could support, and the story was wonderfully told. Since that book I was driven to read her other works. Thief Lord, which was more planted in reality, had some of the best dialogue I have ever read. Who can forget the epic that was the Inkworld trilogy? Those stories are what I dreamed about as a child. The ability to bring books to life was all I wanted for Christmas… well, that and the power to control static electricity… but no one got me that, either.

Reckless is the story of a boy who finds his place on the other side of an enchanted mirror. Jacob Reckless becomes entranced by the world that lay hidden in his father’s abandoned office. As a young man he makes the discovery, and then over the years he constantly disappears into that other world. He leaves reality behind with each visit, including his mother and younger brother, Will. The story officially begins with Jacob and his brother as adults. Will has been afflicted by a disease that is the stuff of fairy tales. The boys live up to their names, Jacob risks bringing his sensitive brother into a world that he is not ready for, and Will keeps risking the love of his life as they search for a cure. Jade stone spreads across Will’s skin like a plague and mythic Goyl (humanoid creatures made from stone and fiery rage) hunt him for that legendary color. The world is filled with dangers, dwarves, vixen girls, and unicorns that could rip you apart.

Cornelia Funke has a way with language. I always want to learn German so I can read her books the way she writes them. She has a beautiful landscape that expands and grows inside of her mind and she lets it develop every time she writes. Her characters are filled with life, truth, and faults. It is their inner torment that makes them beautiful and stand out in a world that is constantly changing and threatening them.

Reckless will drop on September 14th, 2010. Her books can be found, as always, at If you have a chance, check out her world. It has plenty to offer.

Come back this weekend for a special surprise! Happy reading, lovelies.