The Fallen has Arisen

The Fallen, which contains two books (The Fallen and Leviathan) is the first half of a four book series. These books chronicle the adventures of Aaron Corbett, an 18 year old boy that is the focus of a life changing prophecy. Aaron becomes prey to killer angels that merely want to eradicate the unclean and make the world all nice and sparkly for their creator. Is that so much to ask? It is Aaron’s job to fulfill the prophecy and survive.

Another series of books that can be appreciated by boy and girl alike! Hurrah! With an older male protagonist and the idea of fighting for salvation, hope, and reunion, neither gender is alienated by the story. There is a faint element of romance, but it doesn’t hound the reader throughout the entire story. The writing was good, though sometimes the cliches were noticeable. I still enjoyed the story telling, however. There is adequate excitment and the story does not drag on, though sometimes there are details that the reader doesn’t necessarily need (like the exact type of shirt that Aaron slept in). The plotline has been tackled in many ways by many writers, but Sniegoski gave the idea new life by making Aaron ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. He’s an everyday teen, but deep down he knows what needs to be done and won’t let anything stand in his way. I definitely recommend this for anyone that enjoys action and stories about saving the world.

Also, there is an ABC family film adaptation of The Fallen. It was a mini-series in 2006 starring WB’s The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley as Aaron. Film review isn’t my area of expertise, but I recommend the film adaptation as well.

Visit Thomas E. Sniegoski’s website here to find out more about his work.