The Newest Incarnation of Twilight

Stephenie Meyer is at it again. She has crafted a story about the world of newborn vampires. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (that’s a mouthful) details the new life of Bree, newborn vampire intended to wage war on the Cullen family and Bella Swan. It was originally intended to be included in the long awaited The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide (which has been delayed for one too many years) but it was soon discovered the the tale of Bree Tanner was too long and would, in a sense, weigh down the guide. It was then decided that the story would be released on its own.

The list price of the title will be $13.99 and a dollar will be donated to the American Red Cross for each book sold. Meyer did not want to have her readers pay separately for this release, so she is offering something for her readers that may annoy book sellers everywhere. At noon on June 5th, Bree Tanner’s story will be available for free here until July 7th.

Happy Reading.


6 thoughts on “The Newest Incarnation of Twilight

  1. procss21 says:

    Isn’t she just going to lose profits made from this book? I guarantee that somebody will duplicate the free copy.

    • kissmylit says:

      It’s what she wants, though. She didn’t want her readers to pay for the story separately because it was originally supposed to be included in the ultimate Twilight guide. They told her it was too long and had to be published separately. So, in attempt to make it up to her fans, she’s offering it for free. I can almost guarantee that, like with the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun, Meyer will put the story up in such a way that it cannot be printed. Of course, there are ways around. I’ve got to hand it to her, though. She’s very good to her fans and the people that inspire her. Y’know, when she’s not being huffy.

      • Carmen says:

        That’s true. Isn’t there a way to tell books apart like serial codes or receipts or something? They could always ask for proof of purchase for the book before letting the reader read the book online. Then again, it’s two days and I think she lost a lot of her fans after the movies came out. So I really don’t see why she would put it out in stores as well. And you’re right about her being good to her fans; I probably would not have done that. Chances are, if you can read it online, you can print it as well.

      • kissmylit says:

        Well, Melissa Marr released a two part short story called “Stopping Time” via the Adobe Digital Reader. It was a free ebook. It’s entirely possible that Meyer can do the same thing. The Adobe Digital Reader doesn’t allow readers to print the books, at least Mrs. Monohan wasn’t able to when she tried for one of her own ebooks.

  2. Carmen says:

    You can print some documents depending if the author makes it printable or not. Someone could also save the file onto their computer as well and then redistribute it.

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